Friday’s brain cells from blondville

Today’s Compliments:
Wow, you’re the same age as my mom, but you’re so cool. You don’t even look like my mom, you remind me more of my girlfriends. I really want to stay in touch, let me give you my email address,” said by 24 yr. old Jillian. (coming from a kid like that, it’s more of a TRIPLE Compliment, huh? *smiles*)

Speaking of 24 yr. olds … my little neighbor tried to set me up with her brother today. The 24 yr. old *I’m so hot* Latin boy I danced with a couple Saturdays ago. Ummmm… I’m thinking, “Just say no! My names not Demi.” (although I’d love to have Demi’s bod!)

Today’s Mishap:
I discovered one wardrobe glitch and had another happen while away from home ie: *in public*. *sighs*

1) Discovery: That a thong does not cover my tattoo and my shorts were – more sheer than I thought. The sheer white tunic I had on over my – more sheer than I thought – white shorts still gave the shadow of a fact that, the tattoo I had placed where no one could see it, was there. (did I mention that I hate thongs???)

2) Happened: When my Victoria Secrets white tube top (worn under sheer white tunic) slipped at a very inopportune time … the tunic’s sheerness was not to my advantage.

On the way home from picking up my girly-girl SUV, after the dealership had done her up in leather and some TLC to the drivers seat so my Princess and the Pea butt would like it better, I discovered that the windshield now sported a two foot section of some very serious water spots in the center of it. The dealership was waiting with baited breath to hear if the seat passed inspection. They didn’t expect a windshield call. (neither did I) They did understand that one does not expect to get a vehicle back with water spots after having just paid extra to have the alarm installed and the VIP treatment package (protection for paint and interior). Neither were cheap.

They are going to pay to have my SUV detailed locally so I don’t have to make the 2 1/2 hr drive back to the dealership. I also will be the recipient of a free tank of gas and detailing job every time I am in or going through their area from now on. (Wow, Double Wow to the last one… I so didn’t expect that one!)

Today’s hassle:
Galen was the puppy from hell during this morning’s walk. During his sleep last night, he somehow managed to out grow his latest bed. *sighs* We’ll be bed shopping this weekend.


I think he’s going to be a bit bigger than I’d originally thought. lol

I experienced cell phone hell on the 2 1/2 drive home from the dealership and was having trouble with dropped calls and reception. An over sensitive client with a dish full of insecurities and an ego problem took it all personal (like I was hanging up on HER … and it was all about HER) and left me scathing feedback. The blessing for me? She said she was never calling back again. Promise?? *tired smiles*

Today’s Gratitude:
That the dealership I bought my SUV from is truly going out of their way to make sure I’m happy with my Rav4 and aren’t upset with me for voicing my dissatisfaction with the brick seat issue.

That the handyman didn’t charge me for the repair of my garbage disposal despite the fact that I told him it was my fault. Apparently garbage disposals don’t eat glass.. lol… ok.. stop that … it was an accident. Really, it was. I accidentally dropped a glass lid (see tingling) and it fell into the kitchen sink. I thought I’d gotten all of the glass out … but I was blonde. *straight faced look*
That the leather seats and padding are an improvement to the comfort of my new girly-girl SUV.
That, despite it being a difficult work week, work went well and I am ahead of schedule.

Today’s Worry:
This week two people have told me they’ve become addicted to me. One male, one female. One a client, one not a client. *sighs* I don’t want to be addictive. I just want to be good.

That I told a lie today. Someone I know, but that doesn’t know me well, was giving me a hard time about the Rav4.(like it’s some top of the line vehicle) Called me a little rich girl and money bags. It was a flash back to my past, so I lied to them. I told them my boyfriend bought it. It just seemed easier and safier that way. They don’t know Victor is … an electrical appliance. *grins*

Today’s Highlight:
The daughter of my heart called and we had a wonderful visit. I’m so very proud of how she’s processing things and thinking them through. Her fiance, although not the most ambitious type, is very good for her in this regard. I also had a nice visit with my mom. Amazing when that happens and I’m always so grateful when it does. *smiles*

Todays Thoughts:
My shoulders have stopped tingling … but now my tongue is hot.
I like big things … but I’m not from Texas.
If birds of a feather flock together, does that make some people clones?
That there is a big difference between talking to someone and talking at
I wish some I knew understood this without getting their feelings hurt.
I like the road less traveled. Not everyone does.

Ok… that’s TMI from blondville. Have a great weekend, all!

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4 responses to “

  1. People are starving to death in this world and you worry about water spots on your windshield. Your priorities are seriously screwed up.

  2. Gad, You make my teeth rot.

  3. *laughs* and hands negative anonymous a fresh tube of tooth paste. Sorry you’re having such a bad day, dear.I do more for starving people than you’ve probably ever thought on a sunny day. 🙂

  4. **than you’d ever thought of. *grins* but.. I can see by your negativity that thinking isn’t your specialty No worries.. mine either. *smiles* That’s why I’m blonde. 🙂

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