I’m curious about…

Who it is in the black Beamer that keeps honking at me like I should know them…

Who it is that sent me the song text message… “ohhh baby, I shouldn’t have let you go either… if only I knew who you were.” *blink, blink, blonde look n giggles* (I think it’s a wrong number and someone didn’t get their message.. lol)

Why some people are harder to communicate with than others. Normally I communicate well with everyone. Or at least almost everyone. Is it because they’re more blonder than me?? *grins* Or does the universe suck all the oxygen out of the atmosphere at those particular moments in my life, leaving me with the greenhouse affect air only to breath, thus clogging my brain and sending me into the ozone where I must just look cute and go *blink, blink, smiles pretty*???

Why it is on Wednesday’s I feel the need to go to the Chiropractor. Wednesday is the one day of the week he is closed.

Why head games make some people happy when it is the sole cause of their downstairs head being lonely. *straight faced blonde look then grins*

Why overthinking a problem or issue doesn’t cause true physical dizziness. It should, just to give the body a warning sign… “Hey buddy, you’ve phucked us up again!”

And… *The Dick of the Day Award* goes to …… (drum roll, please…) …..
Jason! For almost costing his dealership $1295.00 just because he was such an arrogant fool and wouldn’t listen to me. Unfortunately, I have too much of a conscience and am too honest. I waited until I was about to pull out of the parking lot, and then I told on him. lol (bet he’s not there next week)


2 responses to “

  1. Reading you makes me smile…big time…you’re like a breath of fresh air.Cheersrb

  2. Wow.. thank you! That’s the sweetest compliment I’ve had in a while! *grins n hugs the stranger*

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