Life is good….

Even though life has been on overload, balancing a wonderful thriving practice between physical therapy appointments and making great progress recovering from a medical setback, all while catching up on what’s behind… I find myself so grateful.

Grateful to be me, living in my body with my mental outlook and my frame of mind, and even with my brain despite it’s glitches at times when I want more from it.

After a conversation I had earlier today all I can think is …. Damn it’s good to be me!!
and.. I wonder if it’s hard for some people to live like that? It has to be exhausting!!

Although I’m sad for the person I was talking to… I feel so eternally blessed and so very grateful to be me…. Sooo grateful that I promise, I won’t complain for a month about the saga of my beloved Galen and the kitchen floor!! *big grins*


2 responses to “

  1. It’s always good to be you!

  2. Thanks anonymous. I appreciate the vote of confidence. (whoever you are) *smiles*

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