Last Monday I took some rare time off from work… but the day was still a busy blur, starting with stepping in an unsuspecting puddle of puppy peeee on the kitchen floor. Eeeekkkkkk!!!! There is puppy pee on my BARE FOOT! (on Galen’s behalf, I will say I missed the potty cue he was trying to give to me and he DID go in the spot where his potty pad would have been laying… had I not been mopping the kitchen floor!)

My brain forgets about the fact that my fresh clean kitchen floor has been spoiled. I’m now all about getting that pee off the bottom of my foot… and the kitchen sink is handiest. So there I am, standing on one foot, the offended foot lifted up under the kitchen sink faucet, running warm water over my foot, reaching for the disinfectant soap … and the doorbell rings!


I was just out shaking the entry way rugs and I hadn’t shut the door completely as I was about to go back outside and finish that task when my foot found the puddle of peeeee. Fortunately it was just the complex manager wanting advice. *sighs* I’m not sure why she feels it’s ok to always drop in or call whenever she wants something…. but she’s a sweet person, so I help out where I can. (but I’m not a fan of her calling me at 3 in the morning… grrrrrr to that noise!)

On Tuesday, I handled yet another client case involving an attorney. (currently 3 clients are dealing with legal issues) Wow, I was thinking… sometimes you really are good!

I was almost thinking, “Wow, you got it going on, girl… especially for being so blonde and all… ”

Then I glued my fingers together while repairing a loose nail. Seriously glued together. Major STUCK. *laughs at self* So, in the next five minutes I’m fumbling through bathroom cupboards digging out the acetone and Q-tips to gently unstick my fingers without messing up my nails… and I get a work call.

I talk a lot with my hands. Not an easy feat with your pointer finger and thumb being glued together on your right hand. I can’t focus on that though, I have to concentrate on the call. Of course it wouldn’t be an easy “fix it” call. It’s one where I actually have to combine brain cells with the force of the Universe. *rolls eyes, laughs and googles Super Hero’s to look for help*

I’m going to have to review lessons from my old manicure school days with glue. It’s getting to be a dangerous household item. But … it keeps me humble. lol

I’m sure there was more to tell you… but… Galen is making me mop the kitchen floor … again. Omigosh, you won’t believe how big he’s gotten! He’s almost as tall as Molly now, but still wants on my lap. (now that is going to be a problem when he out weighs me!!) I’ll have to take some new pictures of him. He’s all ready bigger than the last pictures I took but haven’t posted.


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