So… this is the new car find. Although it’s hard to tell from the picture, it’s Pearl White. Softer, prettier than super white.
I liked it.
It wanted to come home with me…
So, I bought it.

A week ago Thursday I was on my way to the Sunny Land to pick up my Rav4 SUV and Derrick, the salesman I’d dealt with on the phone, called me to say, “I’m not sure how this happened, but yesterday on my day off they sold your SUV.”

Naturally, I was a little stunned. And more than a little unhappy about the circumstances. I had specifically told Derrick, “if you need a deposit, it’s not a problem, just let me know.” He was insistent that we’d be fine, just call before I ran up so he’d know what time I’d be on my way. The only issue at the time was how I’d get the old car and the new SUV home. (but give me 5 min. and I’ll work that out.. lol)

Well, I guess you can figure out that Derrick’s not getting Salesman of the Year award. He did feel bad though, so I left him standing with all his body parts in tack. Truly, I had about a 5 minute moment where I wanted to make him crawl and slither on the ground like the dirty bug that he was… before I stomped on him. *laughs at how tuff I sound when I switch from Cream Puff to Power Puff* I refrained, got Zen and took deep breathes as an alternative to the “Kill Derrick” method. I could tell he was remorseful and at a loss. Besides… I so hate it when I have to be a biotch. It doesn’t feel good. I’m almost sure it would give me a bad complexion if I let it happen very often.

Evan, who is the BEST salesman in the entire Central Valley (even though he didn’t sell me the SUV), ran a check on his computer and found a Silver Limited Rav4, with leather on it’s way to Lodi. SF also had a Black one due in by the 28th. By this point my brain was stuck on the Pearl White and thinking that I wasn’t sure if I could fake enough bad ass moments to drive a black SUV. I was also afraid it would attract too much attention. (like the Pearl White hasn’t… *silent blonde look*)

So, I made a call to Lodi and their manger said if I came up now I could have the Silver Limited Rav4. (Limited are sort of scarce at the moment. V6 Limited’s are even more scarce.)

Next thing you know, I was on my way to Lodi before I’d even packed the rest of my brain or a compass. I was in *determined blonde* mode.

I was in *I want my SUV* mode.
And I want it NOW.
I’ve got plans and places to be and people to see and Sunnyvale has messed with my plans.

*remembers to breathe and laughs a self*

Sooooo, next thing you know, I’m in the Lodi dealership lot intently focusing on Rav4 colors with x-ray, perfectionist artist vision. Switch hitting from leather seats to cloth then back to leather. This seat is too hard. This seat is too soft. Ahhhh, this seat is just right. Could you open this one, please? Move it forward, please? Could you park these two side by side, please? Hmmmmm... Would you mind terribly parking them over there where the light is better, please? Oh, yes, that’s so much better. Thank you. Wait… could you pull this one up a little more? Oh, thank you. I so appreciate your doing this. (Jillian was a great little helper and salesperson… a total doll!)

After about 15 minutes of jocking the Silver Rav4 they had in the lot (which wasn’t a Limited) back and forth with the Pearl White Limited Rav4 they had in the lot I was still set on Pearl White.

Somehow the Silver seemed…. dull. The Pearl White was… soft and pretty… and full of light. It was a *me* car. (and no, I’m not saying I’m soft and pretty… I’m just full of light… on the days when I’m not full of BlondeAir. *grins*)

more SUV saga later…

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  1. The little skunk let them sell your SUV! What he didn’t know how to put a HOLD sign on it!!!

  2. I know! How dare him, huh?? According to him, he did have a hold sign on it, someone took it off on his day off. Total lack of communication. Especially since I called him on his day off to let him know when I would be up on Thursday!! You got it, Sara… a skunkarooo! *hugs you*

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