I worry…

I worry that, with all the terror, destruction and war going on in the Middle East, how will all of the victims of Katrina ever be taken care of in a swift and timely process the way they deserve?

I worry that all of our involvement and efforts in Third World Countries keep us blind to the problems and issues we have here … of American’s living like they were in a Third World Country.

We need bigger eyes… we need more peace …


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  1. I worry that there is too much worry in this world.There has always been a war somewhere at any given time, or major catastrophe. The media has it down to a science, they know how to push our buttons.

  2. I was aware of the media hype long ago, Brian. The rest of what I didn’t know about the media I learned from a very wise man a couple of years ago. I also understand that you truly don’t know me that well, so no worries. *smiles* My worry stems from the son’s and daughter’s of people I love fighting in Iraq, and client’s who’s lives are STILL not put back together after Katrina. And, Brian, hon… I totally don’t buy into the “there has always been a war or catastrophe,” stuff…We need bigger eyes… We need to have more peace.

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