When I walk, my new belt creaks, reminding me of the sounds of saddle leather in the days when I used to ride. It makes me homesick for those days … but… that’s all a part of my agenda and goals I’m keeping my focus on as I continue to climb forward and physically heal. Posted by Picasa


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  1. I can tell you love to go shopping, Oh! and tht you also love pastel colors.on a even lighter note, are you sure it is your new belt creaking..ha ha!

  2. Of course I like to shop, silly man! I’m blonde AND female. But… it’s not my favorite hobby. Just a part of life. *smiles* As to the colors… sure, I like pastels, I also like many other colors. Color inspires me, be it primary or pastel. LOL @ whats creaking. Me thinks you know not the sound of saddle leather… or me. *grins n winks*

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