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It’s been another non stop busy day…. but a great day as well. So, with the end of the day fatigue fuzzing out my brain, I’m going to do the easy blog version of blondville in a nut shell. (hmmmm… no more nuts! I’ve sworn off trail mix… until I buy the next bag! *laughs at self* ~sometimes I am such a child) My nights are getting wayyyy too close to my mornings and I’ve just gotta stop that!

Today’s Compliment: “Wow! You look good. You look so healthy!!” (said by Tracy, an old neighbor I haven’t seen in over a year and of whom knew me well during the house bound and major isolated days of illness years ago.) A compliment that was especially appreciated since I’ve been feeling a bit fatigued and experiencing bad air headaches for the last 3 days along with heat dehydration (can’t get enough water) and… almost a little leathery with my face doing a slight dry skin peel as a result of recent facial – naturally, the end result won’t be a leathery look, I’m just… self conscious.) I was asked out on 2 dates. Other cool compliment actually said in a sincere way by a car salesman, “Your boyfriend is a lucky man.” (*gigglefest* ~ Victor will be sooo happy to know!!)

Today’s Mishap: I woke up wayyyyy too late, but didn’t really care. I’d decided to just take a slow easy day, but work dictated a different pace. Molly was late for her grooming appointment and Kitty appears to have a cold. I think he has allergies. *frowns*

Today’s Hassel: Galen has been the puppy from hell. He chewed up his potty pads again, after he had used them in the fashion they were meant to be used. Ewwwwwwww. AND left them laying on his NEW bed!!! ugh!!! More laundry for me. Such a boy! He also discovered my underwear. *frowns* Other than that, he was an angel and asked to go outside when he needed to potty for the rest of the day. My sleeping in is the cause of his restless, “Get the hell up, I want out of the kitchen boredom.”

Today’s Gratitude: That work was such a blessing and went so well. I had two major clients really *get it* today, even though they’re not done yet with the healing process. Way cool! I’m totally grateful that my dog groomer was so nice about my being later than late. He’s Such an understanding guy and the only one I’ll let groom Molly. He is so good to her! I just love that man! Also totally grateful that I felt genuinely Happy today in a way I haven’t felt for a couple of years. Not that I haven’t had happiness. This is just a “dance my ass off, I don’t care who’s watching, kind of happy.” *grins*

Today’s Worry: About 10 minutes into a phone conversation with my dad, he said, “I know I’ve got one of my girls on the phone here, I’m just not sure which one. Which one are you?” *burdened sigh* This has happened to my other siblings before, but up until now, he’s always known me, his golden haired tomboy in ballet shoes. The clock is ticking and I’m trying not to worry. Trying…

Today’s Highlight: I decided which SUV I’m buying and they’re holding it for me. *grins* This is only the second car I’ve ever bought in my life. *sheepish look* The others were a result of being a daddy’s girl and one from a fiance who loved me in all the wrong ways, too much, and ended up stalking me for 5 years after I’d left him. The biggest highlight is that my money vibration upped itself ~ again. *grins* It fits and feels good. I’m not sure how I’m going to make a million dollars, but I’m totally game! I’m also not going to worry about how it’s going to happen. I’m just going to continue to trust and have faith… and follow the postive path. The other highlight is I have a new favorite song that I love to sing…. “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkely.


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  1. Wow, you have a lot going on! Puppy issues, clients finding their way, new car. Keeoping you and Dad in my thoughts – I went through that with my Dad, and I know it’s not easy. *hugs*That’s a great tee shirt. I never really noticed Marilyn’s cheeks before….*runs like hell*

  2. You are such a goof!!! And you make me laugh myself silly. *Hugs* Here I thought this was a t-shirt no one could say anything about! *big grins* Ummmm, Paul??? Did you forget your knee is banged up??? I’d only have to do a slight trot to catch you and spank your cute little bottom. Seriously? I almost booked my ticket last night, but the stuff with my dad is putting a quirk on plans. Looks like I’ll be taking a road trip in August with the Ark family. (do you think Tuna will travel well?? lol) How’s your September look? I might have to push NY back a month. *big hugs n love you, doll*

  3. It’s always tough the first time your parent doesn’t know who you are. It happened to me on my 59th birthday. Scarlett took me to Keepsake Quilting. We took Mom and had her sitting in a rocker while we wandered. When I went to get her so we could leave – she yelled – “Who are you? Leave me alone! I don’t know you..” It was awful…I started crying, she hit Scarlett, and everyone in the store was just staring at us…I hope all goes well with your dad – you both will be in my thoughts.BTW, what vehicle did you decide on???

  4. Thanks, Sara. It’s not one of the top 10 easiest moments in my life. That had to have been horrible for you, having your mom not know you and act out in public like that. My dad’s mother used to do that kind of thing to my mom, although, in truth, I suspect it was on purpose. lolI’m getting the Rav4, as I pretty much knew I would. All of my research put it on the top of my list. It was just a matter of color and interior. Of course, I’d like to not have the car payment, but I also know everything will all fall into place just fine. *hugs*

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