FYI on Control Issues…

Since I was totally grateful for the help of the “control issue person” when I found the little terrier, you might wonder why now I’ve labeled the person a “control issue person.”

So, in all fairness to my story I thought I’d take a moment to explain.

A) I have never met this person before. She just happened to be talking to the manager when I approached with the lost pup to see if anyone could identify him. Immediately she became the authority on the dog because *she* had a terrier mix.

“Ok… cool,” I’m thinking, “I know nothing about them.”
So, I’m still cool with things at this point.

B) Four phone calls later on how *she* is going to handle things with the little terrier I’ve begun to wonder and question her judgment, but I’m still very appreciative of the help.

C) She is going to foster the dog and possibly keep him. (cool, she’d be a good home, her dog looks well cared for.)

D) She doesn’t know if she wants to keep him or foster him. (ok, everyone can change their minds)

E) She knows people personally at the pound and yada, yada, yada….

F) If the real family doesn’t claim the little guy, SHE is going to foster him.

G) Four more phone calls later (opps… how’d they get on my voice mail? *grins*) She’s decided that it’s a good idea to send the dog to another county as suggested by HER friend the pound director

(Did I mention I’ve never been a fan of our local pound? Did I mention I’ve had valid reasons… but I’ve sat back and listened while She was squawking? I mean…. things Can change, it’s been years since I formed my original opinion. People can change… so I try to keep an open mind.)

H) She now is not going to foster the dog. She has a family crisis. (Ok, family crisis happen… I have one going on right now… my dad’s in the hospital and I need to get home as soon as I can)

Her family crisis? A member of her cousin’s family of whom She has never met has passed away and she needs to be there for her cousins… Ok, I can understand being there for her cousins but how does that keep you from and original commitment you made such a big deal over???

Alrighty then… I think I’ll just go pick the little guy up on Wednesday and continue the campaign that I started yesterday to either reunite him with his real family or find him a terrific new home.

Sheeshhhhh… some people. I can just *picture* Her fluttering around her cousins trying to take charge of their lives now. lol *rolls eyes, takes sigh of relief*

Oh… and did I mention… She was also planning on doing a monthly pot luck here? Girl stuff where we all get together. “Yay! Cool,” I thought… I need girl stuff. Until I found the topic of the potluck was ME… giving advice and helping others set goals.

*double eye roll and pulls my covers back over my head… I’m going back to bed… lol*


2 responses to “

  1. That’s why most of my friends are men.:o)

  2. I agree, Ann. Men work great as friends… until they get other ideas. lol

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