Too tired to tell all… but…

Here are pictures of the little dog I found. I’m not sure he’s truly a Jack Russell. Someone said he looked like a Rat Terrier. Me? I’ve totally no clue. The only thing I know is that the person that took charge of him and started acting like she rescued him has a family crisis going on and the little guy is stranded to the mercies of the pound now. The clock is ticking on his expiration date.

Sooo… I did what I would have done in the first place. (before the person with control issues took over and started acting like she rescued/found the little guy.. lol) I called the local paper and put an ad in the FOUND section and printed up some flyers with pictures of the little guy to spread around town.

If his real family doesn’t claim him by Wednesday they were going to send him to another county. The control issue person thought would be a good idea… except for the contradictive issue I learned today. This particular county doesn’t/hasn’t been taking small terrier type dogs for the last year. They recently refused one less than a week ago. Also, this takes the little dog THAT much further from any chances of reuniting him with his real family. I’m not sure I’d give the little terrier’s family 2 thumbs up, but he was well fed and he misses them. Who knows? His family could have been on vacation. I totally can’t believe how quickly the pound gets rid of dogs.

FIVE DAYS. That’s it!

Scary thought, that FIVE DAYS before *offing* them, is. I know this has to be a hard job… I couldn’t handle putting pets down like that.

If Molly had ever been scared or gotten away from her dog sitter while I was gone on one of my trips and she ended up in the hands of the dog pound, she could have been put down before I ever got home! Just the thought of that makes me shiver as badly as that poor little terrier was when I found him! My kids are ALL going to get chips put in them as soon as I finish looking into some more info. (I don’t make Kitty wear a collar, so that’s a problem). I never want to risk one of my dogs ending up at the pound. I’ve never lost a dog and don’t even want to think about it…. it would be too upsetting.

In the meantime, if no one claims this little guy by Wednesday, I’m going to foster him until either his real family claims him or I find him a worthy home. It shouldn’t be too hard. (I hope) I’ll just take him to puppy class with Galen, someone will fall in love with him. I also have a couple pet store connections I’ll use to help either find his real family or a new home for him. *sighs* It has to be done, but I sure could have used one less thing on my plate.


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  1. What a sweet looking boy…he looks like a jack has that stance…but I don’t know either.My sister has two jacks and she lives in Florida – maybe I’ll send her your site and have her look him over…he looks just like one of hers…You’ll find a home for him really easy I would think…

  2. Oh My! He’s a little cutie! And he is a jack, not a Rat Terrier. And I don’t understand the “send him to another country” thing – that just amkes no sense to me. I think it wouls be very easy to find him a new home. Boy, if I lived closer…

  3. Don’t say that, Paul… you know I’ll fly him out to you. *grins* I’ll even put me in the luggage! lol

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