Earlier this evening, while out walking my 4 legged kids, we came across the tiny brown and white head of a little Jack Russell Terrier, peeking out from his hiding spot in a big patch of crawling dark green ivy. His little body was pushed up as close to the back wall as he could get it, trembling in total fear. Since we walk this path often, I’m pretty sure he’s not a neighbor’s little Terrier.

I couldn’t get him to budge from his hiding place and didn’t want to get too close while my 4 legged kids were with me, being unsure if this little guy had his shots or would be aggressive if he felt too threatened, so I ran my kids home and quickly grabbed 2 bowls. One for water, the other for food, threw the leash over my shoulder and ran back to see to the frightened little guy hiding in the ivy.

When I got back, Sister Mary Theresa, who’s back patio faces the patch of ivy the little guy was hiding in, had gotten out her garden hose and was spraying water on him. *frowns*

Yes, I could have bonked her on the head. She said he looked hot and she was trying to give him some water.

Uh huh.

God bless the Sister. Even though she has the cutest little Yorkie, she’s not really a lick of animal sense.

After much caution and wayyy too much time, whispering soft words of comfort and gently stroking him, I was finally able to coax the little Jack Terrier out of his hiding space. I wrapped him up in an old beach towel, hugged him tightly to me so as to stop his fear shiver, and went to see if the manager recognized him or knew who he belonged to.

Of course, she didn’t, but wasn’t surprised that I had found a lost, abandoned or abused animal. She thinks they all just come to me like magic. *sighs*

A friend of her’s helped me get the little guy in a crate and the friend’s boyfriend took the worry from me about having to make a decision on what to do with the little guy, thank gosh. I didn’t want to bring him into my home because he was coated with fleas and I was being bitten just from holding him. The boyfriend thought it would be safest to crate him and take him to the shelter in the morning. Said he knew people that worked there and he’d be well taken care of while his owner was hopefully found.

I’m thinking two thumbs down for the owner. The little guy was in tough shape. I’m not sure he could get this bad just being lost for one night. But the telling sign was that he appeared to be one to 2 years old and wasn’t fixed. He also wasn’t show quality, so there was no excuse for it. Who ever owned him wasn’t on the “Smart Pet Owner of America” list.

So, my kids are misbehaving tonight because we have a stranger crated in our front yard. And me? I’ve been out to check on him a dozen times.

I’m just heart broken for the poor little guy, he so frightened. I want to take his fear away and I’m worried what the outcome of his life will be…. *sighs*


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  1. The poor little guy! I’m sure he was probably dumped there. I don’t understand people sometimes. He’s probably a great little dog who just needs some lovin’. (and you little ones, I’m sure, just want to play with him) And Jack Russells are just so cute and active. (When my students were teasing me about getting me a dog, I told them one of the choices that I wanted was a Jack Russell..) I’ll keep the little guy in my thoughts, and thank you for helping him. Did he have a tag or a collar?

  2. No tags, no collars. Very flea bitten up and a few other marks they made me pause and think he wasn’t kept in the best of care. The animal shelter has him right now and are cleaning him up and checking him out. I’ve had one report all ready. If his owners can’t be found and he checks out all right, do you want him? If you do, I’ll fly him out to you.Yes, Paul. I’m serious. You know me well enough to know I don’t talk shite. lol

  3. The poor baby! How sad is that. I just get really upset with people who mistreat animals…makes you wonder how they treat their kids and family…I hope all goes well…I’d take him but lordy, we all ready have 8 rescues…People would throw them out of their cars near our house in Tennessee…cause we lived in the country…All the animals knew we were kind…there had to be a sign at the bottom of our hill that only they could understand…cause they always showed up at our house.

  4. You are such a Saint, Sara! Bless your heart for taking in so many lost/abandoned animals like that. I totally understand how you feel and why you do it, though. Sometimes I need to be protected from myself. I’d own a menagerie… or at least a small zoo if I could. Some people should just not have pets. *cough, cough* – Or other people – in their lives. *smartass wicked evil grin* (goes to look for halo.. . it’s got to be around here somewhere… *innocent look*.. lol)

  5. Somehow I don’t believe he was dumped, Glad you found him, and I’m sure NOW his owner has a chance to get him back.. People steal dogs, and maybe this one got away far from home. Let’s hope this one has a happy ending!

  6. You could be right, Brian. I’m going out to the shelter tomorrow to check on him, take his picture and put up posters. I’ll be helping to foster him until either his real family shows up or he’s adopted by a worthy family. Good to hear from you!

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