My pots gone bad and ferns potted.

(The little angel is not my style nor my thing…. it belonged to Jo, a close friend/mom I lost in January. She had it sitting above her kitchen sink. I miss her. I miss her more than you can know. When we were clearing everything out for her estate sale, no one took the angel and I couldn’t leave it. I’d stood in front of Jo’s sink and washed too many dishes with that little angle watching over me to let it go into the hands of a stranger.) Posted by Picasa


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  1. The pots look GREAT! I love ’em! You were meant to have Jo’s angel. Now she’s watching over you as you wash you own dishes. And she looks very happy there nestled in with the ferns. *hugs*

  2. Thanks Paul. *smiles* They’re just not quite the look I was going for. Ok, like I know what that is. I just make it up as I go along. lolSeriously, though… it’s not quite the look I was going for, but, you know the old saying, “try, try, try again…” When I have time, that is. lol

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