I saw this Ellen Tracy purse in all white at Macy’s and it was love at first sight.

Until I looked at the price. $368.00

Or should I say YIKES??

Because I want it.

But, I can’t justify buying a white purse for that much money that I’ll only be able to use for 2 more months of the summer. (I don’t like it in the other colors as well and I can’t find the white one online for a good buy!)

Since I’m being practical you might ask, “what’s the problem?”

“I dream about it!”



2 responses to “

  1. You might find a less expensive knock off at your local asian trading post

  2. Thanks, Brian, it’s a good idea, but our local Asian Trading post isn’t quite up to that kind of par. They’re more the dollar tree type of world. *sighs* And Brian? A knock off just isn’t the same… feel. lol *sighs*

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