Does anything look out of place in this bathroom drawer???
I looked for it for an HOUR last night and couldn’t figure out what the heck I did with it! I always put it back in the same place. Finally, I gave up and learned how to turn the TV off the old fashioned way.

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  1. *snicker*Too funny. Now I must ask… how’d that get in there? 😛

  2. I’d be having a WTF moment…cause I don’t think I’d be able to turn mine off the old fashioned way! I have no idea where the button is on that huge monster we call a tv.I’m glad blogger got you straighten out…somehow I couldn’t find any new posts except for the ones before “Soccer Ain’t for Sissy’s”…

  3. Must be a guy thing, that was the first thing I noticed. lol remote control? Yeah. I don’t know you well enough to comment on why you didn’t see it.

  4. It could have been worse, it could have landed in your panty drawer.:o)Ann

  5. It was the first thing I noticed before I even read a single word. You are priceless!!!

  6. Sure… I *noticed it*… the next morning when I went to brush my hair! lol I can’t imagine what I did or was doing, except for maybe a little over tired and multi-tasking… and being blonde.

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