A couple of years ago, I decided I should try to give up my Sun Worshipping Ways. I was lucky I didn’t look worse considering all I’d been through, and my thighs seemed to be sliding down my legs. (not a pretty sight) I wasn’t sure if it was sun damage, a cause from thyroid issues, aging, or a result of many years of inactivity due to illness in prior years.

I’d struggled to find a product that would give me the beautiful golden brown color my skin naturally turned to during my former tanning bed and sun loving days. I’d tried many different and very expensive products that left me looking like I was some where between a cross of badly jaundiced or had hepatitis. Then there was the constant need for reapplication. I needed to reserve a couple of hours every day or so for reapplying the self tanner, which also meant running around the house sans clothing until the lotions were set and dry. It was a lot of work and time consuming just to keep a half ass summer glow.

I’d also discovered air brush tanning, which was way cool and took me to my deep, dark golden brown color, but that can get expensive. I didn’t care though, it gave me a great tan, so I decided to work it into the budget. This year, however, after having Sunsational Tans *not* honor the 4 tanning sessions I had left from last year, I’ve chosen to boycott them! At $25 a tan, that is $100 they’re stealing of my hard earned money!!

Lucky me, I’ve hit the Jackpot of self tanning secrets this summer! I had an Eureka! moment and accidentally discovered Salon Bronze. (my best discoveries are *so* always by accident) It’s a very cool air brush tanning kit that you can do at home. It gives me as equally nice of tan as I got at the tanning salon, but for a fraction of the price! ($14.99) If there’s a Sally’s Beauty Supply near you, they have it on sale this week with a $5 dollar off coupon.

Here are a couple photos to show you.

These slight tan lines are 3 days old, after one application and several showers later.

I wanted a deeper tan, so I did another application and this is the result. (and no.. I under no circumstances wear a bikini in public any more!)


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